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Chasing Optimal Health

Take a glimpse into the life of a college distance runner that shares his experiences and insights of chasing optimal health. Brady shares the methods in which he has improved his health through nutritional and lifestyle intervention. Brady went beyond conventional dietary advice to discover how holistic nutrition could alter the way he feels on and off the track. Beyond nutrition, Brady shares the ways in which he has remained injury-free, recovered quicker, and habits that have brought more vitality to his everyday life.

About Me

Hello! My name is Brady DeHaven. I am the founder of AnimalBasedAthlete, a sports nutrition company that’s mission is to educate, coach, and advocate for animal based nutrition for athletic performance and everyday life success. My passion for nutrition developed out of a drive to be the best athlete I could possibly be. Today, I run 10-18 miles a day while thriving on an animal based diet. Alongside being athlete, I love studying regenerative agriculture, functional medicine, and lifestyle optimization.