About Me

Hello! My name is Brady DeHaven. I am currently a Master’s graduate student at Biola University studying Leadership & Innovation alongside running Cross Country & Track. I’ve played sports my entire life, football from a young age into high school, and now I am a long-distance runner, quite the change huh? As I became passionate about athletics and performance in high school, I quickly fell in love with studying nutrition, health, and fitness. Over the past 8 years I’ve studied and experimented with many different types of nutrition philosophies: plant-based, calorie counting, whole30, and now animal based. I began my first blog in 2020. Over the first year, I wrote over 40 unique blog posts and published my first book, Chasing Optimal Health!

The mission at Animal Based Athlete is to provide value through education (blogs, videos, and more) alongside products that will help people from all situations in life pursue greater health and optimize daily performance for whatever task lies ahead. I also want to share my experiences and knowledge in the field of nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle intervention. Since I have been eating animal based, my health has been the best it ever has, I’ve managed to run between 10-18 miles a day for the past 2 years and have become a much stronger & faster runner. I undoubtedly credit this success to an animal based framework alongside ancestral living principles. My passion is for helping other athletes understand this framework and lifestyle so that they can experience better health as well. While I am currently one of the very few athletes in the collegiate circle that understand the importance of animal based nutrition, I want it to become mainstream for the benefit of many more.